Work Experience

Do you need a Work Experience Placement?

Office or Trade, Retail or Health Care, Hospitality or something different?

· Are you still at school?

· Have you exhausted all your ideas?

· Do you need some extra assistance to help you organize it?

For a small fee of  $30 (includes gst) YouthNow will arrange your work experience placement.

YouthNow has friendly and  supportive staff to help you. 

Work Experience Officers work one-on-one in a confidential and relaxed environment.

They will help to identify potential opportunities—always listening and responding to your needs and interests. 

Participants come away with an arranged work placement and the support of YouthNow.

First fill in the application form:  

Work Experience Application Form 

then you will be re-directed to "Our Shop" to make payment. 

(If your school is paying for your placement, please fill in the application form only.)

Contact  Kamma at  YouthNow for more information.

Phone:    8311 5800 or M: 0439 636 682

Email:   [email protected]