About us

Why we exist 

Young people in Melbourne’s west have an enormous amount to offer their communities, schools and employers and yet they often miss out on opportunities to fully participate. 

Youth engagement in education, training and employment continue to trend well below national averages. This disengagement contributes to long-term poverty and social exclusion for young people and their families. The rapid pace of technological, environmental and social change means traditional policy responses to these issues are no longer working. Global forces combine with national and unique local factors in Melbourne’s West to entrench disadvantage, widen inequality and make social mobility more difficult. Strong leadership and a commitment to co-design new ideas and local solutions are needed. Making use of the opportunities presented by the region and its young people will ensure they can fully participate and contribute to a prosperous Australian future.

YouthNow's purpose is to work with young people in Melbourne’s west to build their skills for a bright future. 

We provide holistic training and employment services to allow young people to access high quality support in their community, build life skills to improve their learning and working lives.

 "During my time here (YouthNow) I have learned and gained a lot of skills that would not only help my day to day life style but would also play a major role on me finding a job and experiencing what it would be like out there in the work force"  Sumeyra Gocemen   27 June 2019

Our Response

We are embedded in Melbourne’s west and have an intimate understanding of its strengths and needs.

We use this deep local knowledge, gained over twenty years, combined with the latest research to influence and inform policy and decision makers at all levels.

We work in partnership with governments, service providers, businesses and young people to co-design sustainable place-based solutions that will have a positive impact on young people’s’ lives.

Our holistic training and employment services allow young people to access high quality support in their community, build life skills to improve their learning and working lives.

What we do

  • We provide learning opportunities to assist young people develop vocational, employability and industry skills whilst also developing personal and social skills
  • We provide careers and transition support to young people
  • We work one on one with young people to help them transition into employment or education or training.
  • We provide mentoring and work experience programs for local schools

Our values

   Equity                 We are inclusive, supportive and unbiased

   Respect               We encourage individual beliefs, choices and identities

   Leadership          We are proactive and offer practical and innovative solutions

   Transparency      We strive to be clear, open and direct

   Collaboration      We work with others to achieve outstanding results