Amanda* has been a participant in one of YouthNow’s program since August 2019.

Just this past week she scored a casual job as a private baby-sitter for a local professional family.

She has diligently been studying for her Diploma in Childcare, but was unable to find paid work to support herself during her studies.

Amanda had previously done some casual fast food jobs in high school but as a young adult had lost some of her confidence to find work.

Through her newly acquired program network, Amanda had the opportunity to do some casual administration work for a community organisation.

Here she had the opportunity to build her verbal and written communication skills.

After 7 months of career coaching & training, Amanda learnt to tailor her job documents, prepare for interviews, approach employers directly for work rather than just online, understand her work rights & how to know her rate of pay, and most importantly to keep persisting and trying new things to achieve her goals.

Amanda became more aware of her unique skills sets & personality traits, and more certain about what she could offer an employer.

Amanda is now looking for a second casual job, using the tools & techniques she has acquired from her time in the program.

(* not her real name)