T joined the YouthNow pathways program and was into the second day when the following words were quietly spoken:

“ How can I think about a career when I don’t even know who I am?” 

That was the AH moment... when the teaching stopped and the listening began. When T enrolled ‘he’ was very subdued and had left school. His parents considered all his issues were part of his aspergers’ syndrome and a temporary obsession. T, however really felt like a girl…who loved shoes and wanted to talk about fashion. The learning plan was put on hold and work experience in Myers’ ladies shoes was discussed and shortly organised.

T was encouraged to seek further support from Headspace and joined a transgender youth support group. The next year Tahlia  joined the STREAT program and her family supports her decision to follow a career in hospitality. YouthNow's Careers Excellence Centre uses T’s example to support other transgender youth. We consider the most appropriate career approach and  also access additional services such as housing, health or education to meet their needs.